Cheap Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are electronic devices that are designed to detect metallic objects and they indicate the presence of such metals by giving off a signal, usually a beeping sound, once metal has been detected. These metal detectors are used mainly to hunt for lost or hidden treasures in the ground. There’s plenty of treasure buried in ground, including gold coins, jewellery, artifacts and even historic ornaments. The art of metal detecting can be undertaken professionally or as a hobby. We have a wide variety of metal detectors available and any one seeking to purchase one will be spoilt for choice. Having a bit of understanding on what to look for and how they work is important however.

UK residents interested in acquiring a cheap metal detector that costs less than £50 can find our selection below As a matter of fact, the best selling metal detector accessories in the UK are those that cost less than £50. That said, there are a number of fairly decent cheap metal detectors at under £50 all of which you can see below...

Cheapest Metal Detectors
National Geographic Metal Detector
The National Geographic Metal Detector
“ The National Geographic Metal Detector is a powerful yet cheap introductory detector that is sure to light the fires of passion in any potential metal detector hobbyist. ”
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Altai Treasure Seeker
Altai Treasure Seeker
“ If you are looking for an entry level metal detector then you can't go far wrong with the Altai Treasure Seeker which offers great value for money. ”
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EDU Science MD937 Metal Detector
The EDU Science MD937 Metal Detector is Great For Kids
“ This great little metal detector is perfect for getting your kids involved in the world of metal detecting, both fun and education they are sure to love it. ”
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However, it is not easy to find good cheap metal detectors, many of these happen to be cheap Chinese products that will provide no thrill to users and will most likely put off new users should they find their new toy breaks easily. A good example of a quality cheap detector is the Standard Discriminating metal detector. This metal detector can discriminate between Aluminium and Silver. It comes with a 16.5cm waterproof search coil and a 3.5mm earphone socket. It can detect metals buried to depths of up to 16cm. There’s an LED indicator that alerts users when the battery is running low. The audio is set to one tone and the metal detector weighs 0.9kg net.

Another example of an affordable metal detector is the advanced metal, this device should cost about £79.99 but the store is offering a discount of £40, lowering the price to £39.99. This advanced metal detector has four different settings. They are Target, Tone, Disc and All Metal. It is an ideal detector for use at the beach or in shallow waters. The search coil is waterproof and can search for coins to a depth of 18cm. the pole length is adjustable and the arm support comes with a comfortable fit.

The metal detector with headphones is among cheap metal detectors that can be purchased in the UK at only £34.99. The metal detector has three major components which are the coil, the control box and the earphones. This particular brand is an audio only metal detector that comes with a headset. The arm support and adjustable bar allow for comfort while in use. It can search for coins to depths of 16 cm.

While many experienced users and pundits advice against purchasing low cost metal detectors, there is quite a good number available that cost less than £50. Metal detectors find application in many fields. They include beach hunting, gold detection, underwater metal detecting and general metal detection among others.